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PathFinder LITE 5S Tape

  • 5S Black/Yellow Haz
  • 5S Red

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  • 5S Black/Yellow Haz
  • 5S Red

PathFinder LITE 5S Tape

This low-cost tape is perfect for multipurpose safety marking in areas with light foot traffic. Ideal for 5S tasks and marking walls, floors, pipes, and equipment.

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A general purpose tape, Lite is versatile enough for floor marking, wall marking or as banding tapes. Offered in 12 solid colours and 4 hazard stripe options this conformable tape offers the benefit of a cross linked rubber adhesive and flexible pigmented PVC film. For use with light foot traffic.

  • Multi Use
  • Self Wound : this floor tape does not need a release liner, making installation easy with no waste.
  • Flexibility: will adhere to a variety of surfaces including uneven surfaces where more rigid tapes would have difficulty.
  • Heavy Duty: resistant to water and most chemicals.
  • Removes Cleanly: the rubber based adhesive removes easily and cleanly with minimal to no residue making this tape optimal for temporary applications like trade shows.
  • Pigmented Vinyl: The colour will not abrade or scratch off.