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Safety Plug Lockout Bag

Safety Plug Lockout Bag

Red, high visibility lockout bag for securing plugs on portable appliances, cable or pneumatic connectors, or crane pendants.

$57.50$67.50 Excl. GST

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  • Made of flexible and durable fabric
  • Effectively locks out odd size and large electrical connectors and hoist controls
  • Flexible & durable rip-stop nylon bag fits easily in safety tool boxes
  • Text can be customised


$42.00 Excl. GST

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  • Patented 6mm diameter x 2m pull-tight cable adjusts for a secure fit every time. Customised sizes available.
  • Integrated safety lockout hasp and cable is ideal for multiple circuit breaker panels and side-by-side gate valve lockouts
  • Tough, flexible multi-stranded steel cable is insulated with a clear plastic coating (PVC free)

$27.00 Excl. GST

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  • Made of industrial Impact Modified Nylon, with an 3.8mm x 2m insulation plastic coated steel cable
  • Accepts up to six padlocks
  • Cable length and colour can be customised