Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl Tape

Apply labels and signs that won’t budge on difficult surfaces. Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl is designed with an industrial-strength backing to stay intact in locations where other labels won’t adhere. This tough material is perfect for labeling a variety of rough-textured surfaces for inventory management labels, equipment marking, wayfinding, and color-coding for 5S.


  • Adaptable: highly flexible to apply on 90+ degree angles and is ideal on irregular surfaces such as over rivets
  • Durable: can endure both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Heavy Duty: resistant to many chemicals


  • Outdoor Life: From 8-10 years
  • Thickness: 2.0 mil film, 1.2 mil adhesive, 4.5 mil liner
  • Min Service Temperature: ‐40°F
  • Max Service Temperature: 200°F
  • Application Temperature: 40°F
  • Shelf Life (Unused): 2 years