Reflective Vinyl Tape

Our engineer-grade reflective vinyl will ensure your labels and signs will be visible and hold strong in low-light conditions. The chemical-resistant material and special high gloss cast vinyl and adhesive allows for a durable bond that can take on nearly any industrial environment. Reflective Vinyl is perfect for traffic signs, construction areas, mining operations, and other low-light conditions. The reflective vinyl tape is resistant to most chemicals, solvents and will last up to 7 years outdoor. 


  • High-Visibility: makes labels stand out in most lighting conditions
  • Compliant: meets ASTMD 4956-99 standard for reflectivity
  • Heavy Duty: resistant to common chemicals and solvents


  • Outdoor Life: 7 years
  • Thickness: 5.5 mil film, 1.0 mil adhesive
  • Min Service Temperature: ‐40°F
  • Max Service Temperature: 180°F
  • Min Application Temperature: 50°F
  • Shelf Life (Unused): 1 year